Friday, October 10, 2014

Writing celebration, tree maps and more!

This week was such a great week of learning and working in our classroom. The students learned about a new thinking map a tree map which helps them classify material and put things into groups. We worked again with shapes and did a shape walk around the builiding

Students observed that Ms. M had a sphere above her

J.H shows his shapes that he found

B and L look at shapes 

L noticed that the turtle tank is a rectangle

A observed that the plant vase had a circle
Students also  talked about features of each shape. They also worked on reading with partners and received book baggies where they will keep their star books which are books that they can use to really tell the story rather than just read it. We will be using these for the next few weeks.

Students observed that Mr. A had shapes on his door. 
This week we opened up the block center. Students were super excited and used blocks and animals to help them create a farm scene which is great for our farm trip next week.

D and J work on making a farm 

J adds animals to the farm 

J adds more to help the rest 

 Today students were introduced to star books and were able to read with partners. They loved reading with their peers and had a great time reading the story.
T. and J.Z read together

J and D read together

E and K read together

B and B read 

W and J read together
I.B and S read together

N, H and B read together.

Today we had are very first writing celebration. The students were able to share their very first published piece with their classmates. 

B shares her cover with J>Z

J and N read their stories

N and T read their stories

K's finished writing piece

L's writing piece

I.B, I.S and S read together 

More reading of stories. This is B's.

B and L share their work.

During the celebration students had fruit snacks and they gave each other compliments and ways that they could grow as writers. 

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