Friday, October 17, 2014

Signs and Stories!

This week we started our new units in reading and writing. We started writing in the world. Students started by exploring bins of materials and looked at different types of writing that we see on a daily basis.
A and J.H look through writing material

K notices a post card and S looks at some too

I.S, N, L, and J.Z observe materials

D, T, and B observe maps. 

N looks through magazines with signs

B, L, and R observe materials

T, I.B, and A observe materials

T and J.H observe fliers

 After observing signs, students created a jungle of animals, and also a zoo. They created sign like blocks by adding students faces to the blocks. I then helped them create a sign to show how to find the gorillas.

L creates more for the jungle
 This week in centers we opened up the easel painting center. Students had the opportunity to use different colored paints and they were able to mix colors too!

R paints  a picture

R creates a painting

N creates a painting.

 After we observed the signs in the classroom. We then took a walk around the school to observe signs we can find in the school. We took circle maps to record what we noticed and also what is helpful for us.
B and J.H start their circle maps

Students observed the elevator sign

W looks for signs to record

H records what he finds

We were able to notice that signs can also be in the form of art work, like the sign for Ms. Esther's room.

More sign noticing.

N, J.H, and I.B observe signs in the hallway

More students observing and recording

J and J.H record

L notices a do not enter sign

Students observe the signs for recycling

Some students notice the vegetable sings.

images of what was fou

Students observe the school sign

I.S observes a magic sign

T shows his work
In math this week we worked more on counting and shapes and had the opportunity to have more centers to help with counting.

B and J.H use the pumpkins and skeletons to count sticks

Here students worked on shapes . This is a hexagon.. Students worked to create the shape with as few as possible pattern blocks.

Some students worked on forming numbers

 In morning meeting we had W share out his guitar and his song!

After going on our sign walk students then brainstormed other signs we could create that we could put up in our school.
J.H creates a no smoking

L made a do not spill water sign

We created a tree map with photos from school to help us with our sign

After creating signs we then did a museum walk to look at everyones signs.

No sliding down the stairs

More of the museum walk

During reading we have been working with new story books such as the Three Little Pigs. Today we worked on using storybook language to act out the story and use the vocabulary to really help us tell the story and make it come to life. 

J, J and T begin the story

D acts as the big bad wolf

J acts out the pig with sticks

More acting out

B and J take a turn 

L acts as the pig with me

After acting out the story, students then created their own puppets of the Three Billy Goats Gruff.

 Today also in the science center, students observed pumpkins and used paints to paint what they observed.

 We also used apples to create art this week as well.
B create a fall tree with apples

A creates her tree.

During the week we did work on a brace map which is part to whole, but we also revisited the bubble map to help us describe the characters in the stories we are reading about. 

Describing the Troll and the Gingerbread Boy

We also used the tree map to help us learn how to write sentences and then we created a class book called In Kindergarten

Our tree map and a page from our book

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