Sunday, October 5, 2014

Firefighters, Donors Choose, Editing our Writing!

I can't believe that a month of school has already passed. The students are working so hard and are really starting to get the hang of the routines, rules, and expectations in K209. This past week we had the opportunity to learn about fire safety, as we had an actual firefighter come into the classroom. The students learned about what they should never touch, and what to do in case there is ever a fire. 
Firefighter goes over how students should not play with matches, fire, or candles.

Firefighter puts on the special uniform to help when there is a fire. 

Thanks to the organization Donors Chooses, Students received new learning materials to help them. They received a new reading chair, music center, and a tent. They also received kinetic sand for the new sand table and also neat wood blocks. 
A and B have a camping adventure in the tent

New cozy reading chair

Karioke Machine for the music center

 R reads in the tent

J uses the cozy chair

I.b and S use the kinetic sand station

exploration with the wood blocks

The Donors Choose materials have really helped sparked creative play and learning. 

This week in writing students worked on editing and publishing to help them with their first writing piece. They learned to use flairs, and how to add boo boo tape for mistakes and also how to make their writing even more beautiful. 

L's story across three pages

J.Z;s story across three pages

J.H's story across three pages.

 Students have also been working on reading by themselves and are even starting to read the leveled texts in the library. They will all soon have book baggies to help them!

Students have also had the opportunity to explore dramatic play and free choice art center this week. 

J. H makes a design

L makes a person 

As the weather has started to change and we have moved into fall, the student worked more again on thinking maps this week. They created a circle map on a apple, and a bubble map on a pumpkin, and at the end of the week created a double bubble to compare the both. This week ahead they will work on a tree map.

observation of a pumpkin to help with the bubble map 

Bubble map

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