Monday, September 29, 2014

Shapes, Apples, Pumpkins and Fun!

Our shape circle map 
Today we worked on finishing up looking at different shapes and even played the game what shape am I thinking of. I used clues such as this shape does not have sides, and is the face of a clock. Students were able to then tell me a circle. We have also been working on different counting activities and count arounds to help students become familiar with number and math routines.

Students shape collages that they finished last week.

We will be working on patterns in the next few days in math!

We started our share today with the star of the day. A was our first share. She share out her favorite color, animal, food, age, name, and things she loves. This was then hung and will be left out to read until our new share goes on Wednesday. After we will turn it into a class book. 

A writes how old she is. 

The next share will be B. Make sure to send in your finished papers as soon as you complete the assignment.

Today we reviewed the circle map and tomorrow we will revisit the bubble map. The new map is the double bubble map which compares two objects and also shows how they are different.
We looked at an apple, pumpkin, and piece of wood. Students were able to create their own with new vocabulary they learned.

our class circle map of an apple

some student work on apples
Today in language development centers a new center the kinetic sand center was opened up. It was really exciting for the students. J.Z, J, R and M played with the sand. 

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