Thursday, September 25, 2014

Shapes, Puzzles, and More!

This week in school students worked on reading with partners and also continued to read independently. They worked on being able to read by themselves and then move into their reading partnerships.

J and B work on independent reading and then would move into a partnership .

J works on reading

I.B works on her reading

B reads on her own
Students when they were done moved into their partnerships
N and O read together

J and H read together

I.B. and L read together

In math this week we worked on shapes, sorting and also how to use shapes to create pictures with paper , glue, and oil pastels. They worked on identifying shapes in the classroom and were able to even discuss how they noticed their water bottles were in the shape of a cylinder. 
N works on his shape collage

Students also were able to work with a new shape puzzle and they also had the opportunity to create images in the geoboard center, as well as the shape trace and create center.

W and B work on the shape puzzle

W works on the puzzle

J.Z works on his shape collage

Students in word work this week were able to create name puzzles. To make it more challenging we added in the last names. Students once they finished their puzzles switched with a friend to see if they could spell their classmates names. 
N works on putting her first and last name together

B works on her puzzle

K and S work on their names

B works on the puzzle

J works on his puzzle with his table
In writing this week students worked on adding facial expressions, details, and also labelings to their writing pieces. They worked on also illustrating their stories to help those imagine if they looked at the picture that they were really there! Some students even used the family photo wall to help them with story ideas and how to spell words as mom and dad. 
H worked on his story about how he was dreaming about that he was at the zoo and saw a monkey. You can see how he added details and even wrote the word zoo. 

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