Monday, December 9, 2013

measurement and more

Today in math we started a new investigation. Students were asked to think about how they could find out what size shoe they would need if they were going to get shoes or sneakers from a store. They were given blank paper and cubes to see how they could measure their own shoes and also if they could think of other tools they could use to measure their own foot. Some students started by tracing their shoes and then used cubes to see how long it was. Other students took cubes and measured the entire way around their shoe, not knowing they were working on area! Still some students even made a measuring tool by making cubes and then using it as a ruler. Tomorrow we will continue this but will explore with different materials.
K uses cubes to measure her foot

a traces her foot and not her shoe

J counted cubes to see how long is foot was

G drew it out 

P measured by lining up cubes

J measured around his foot

R traces 

G cuts his out 

R cuts hers out 

on Friday in language development centers we had a cooking center. As a class we made a Hanukkah dish called latkes. They are potato pancakes.We went over the recipe and then tried them as a class.
M tries the latkes

Cooking the pancakes

We also have been using model magic in our art center as well as had a new whole art punch center on Friday
J's picture in the new art center

G uses details with the model magic before he paints it

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