Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I can't believe that it is December already! The students are doing such a great job of working on their work and also are learning about so many different things. During the month of December there are many holidays. This week we will be talking about Hanukkah, and will be doing some activities to learn about the holiday. Yesterday we learned how to use a dreidel and play a game, and also learned what a menorah is and made one in class.
K, R, F, and D make their menorahs

M,. s, J, I, and J make menorahs

In centers students are continuing to use language more and learn how to take turns and use language to help them with that. Some of the photos below are from centers.
A and M play greater than top it 

G and S play top it 

Z made chocolate cookies

M made mangos

D used model magic a new material in the art center

J decorates for the holidays

J makes coffee

A and E make food 

Students are starting to use more and more vocabulary daily and it shows in the way they have conversations and how they are working together!

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