Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Today in class we celebrated Thanksgiving together. As a class we shared out what we are thankful for, and it was so nice to hear that the students were giving thanks not only to their families, but for having friends, having teachers and even having food. Not one student said their toys. Students also continued to bring in items for share. J brought in another pet his hermit crabs and it was great for the class to observe and learn about other animals. We also played roll the turkey in math, where students rolled the dice and then what ever number they rolled was what they drew for their turkey.  In writing students wrote about what they were thankful for. In word work, students made tree maps on turkeys and worked on writing what a turkey has, can do, and is. They used adjectives and books to help them. Another activity they did in math was make pattern native american hats. They created their own patterns and made them with feathers.  Students also had the opportunity to try pie, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and sweet potatoes. They watched Charlie Browns Thanksgiving as well!

J looks at J's hermit crab

S draws and writes what she is thankful for

J makes his thankful turkey 

F makes his turkey 

Z makes her tree map 

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