Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Questions, comments, and some fun

Students have been working really hard during the morning meeting with their share time.The students have been doing a great job of bringing in materials to share and are getting really good at asking questions, and giving out comments. They are starting to speak in complete sentences with more details. Today we had many students that brought in materials and objects to share. They used the smartboard to help them remember different questions and comments they could use.

L shares her Charlie Brown

Questions that students have been using to help them

Comments we have been using

J shares
 Students have also been working on looking for high frequency words or sight words in their books, and have also been using them in their writing. For shared reading we use the Turkey poem and students looked for words that they knew.
Z finds the word all

F looks for on 

J looks for all

Today in word work, students created a memory game that had Thanksgiving vocabulary. They played with their partners and then will bring it home to teach you!
E cuts out her cards

M and D play the memory game

Families, thank you for all of the great treats you have sent in. We look forward to having them tomorrow at the Thanksgiving celebration. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy the small break with all of your family members. Enjoy and I will talk to you soon!

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