Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dinosaurs and games

Today students took an even further look at exploring dinosaurs in our project work time. Ms. Esther had given me a bin of dinos to help the students explore their thinking, and Ms. Rita gave the students a model made out of wood so they could see what a dinosaur looked like a long time ago. During language through play, students were able to take clay and create a model of what a dinosaur looked like to them. They also then took the dinos and put their feet into the clay. They were able to look at all the different imprints of the feet and talked about how they were similar and even how they were different.

The students H, K, J, B, and W worked hard to complete their creations. They will continue to observe and create their boxes.
H, J, and E work together to make a game

Students in the block center today took blocks and while they were building they found out a way to create a game in which they used the blocks as a stick and then were able to create a goal and a way to move the ball back and forth. It was such a great moment when they said, "look Ms. Cruse we made a game." They were so engaged and it also allowed them even though in Chinese to speak more to each other.

Also in literacy centers students worked on using charts to read as a teacher and even learned how to play a memory game in which they used words like spread, bake, chop, and cut. This will help them to use these words when they go to dramatic play.
J used the sheet in listening to draw her favorite part
Today it was also great to see how students were really using a lot of language and learning by talking with their classmates and also beginning to use language from storybooks in their speaking. It was a great day of new discoveries and learning. 

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