Friday, October 11, 2013

Partner reading

Today in reading, students worked on reading with a partner. They worked on sharing the book, listening to each other, and also asking each other questions such as " what is your favorite part? , and " What was funny?" Students also have been working on giving each other comments as, " I notice....., I like how you....,and You did a ________ job!. The students read emergent story books to help them with language, and understanding what a story really is. They did a nice job of taking turns, and following directions.
P and E read Runaway Bunny

L and Z read Bunny Cakes

m and j read Caps for Sale

R and K read the Gingerbread Boy

J and G read The Runaway Bunny

J and M read The Three Little Pigs

S and A read the Gingerbread Boy
S and A read The gingerbread Boy
We will continue to use these books all this month and act out the stories with puppets and props1

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