Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New unit New materials

Today students began our new writing unit. Writing in the world. Students looked at different bins of writing materials and explored all different things. They looked at signs, magazines, maps, coupons, ads, post cards, cards and letters. We shared at the end things we found.
E looks at different road signs

J found a hand washing sign

G found a card

Y found an advertisement for cars

J noticed a stop sign
Tomorrow we will take a trip around the school to draw and observe signs in the school building.

Today in math we worked on making different groups of five. Students used the Reckon wracks and worked with their partners to draw and show how they can represent five. Some of the students really were able to grasp the concept while others were a little confused. It was a day of exploration so we will go back tomorrow and look at how we can show our findings to make it easier to read and understand.
E and P work on showing their groups

F and J show how to make five with 2 and three

Jand M show their findins. J showed one and four make five

We have been exploring all different types of maps. Today we learned about a brace map which shows part to whole. In my small group we revisited the bubble map and worked on thinking of different words to describe a pumpkin. Students then created their own bubble map using a pumpkin to help them. 
S and L work on their bubble map 

J used the words we did together and sounds to help him 

f and J work on their maps

Thanks to the website Donors Choose, we have been fortunate to receive new materials for our classroom. We have gotten rope lights, The three little pigs puppets, new sensory materials and bins, bell music instruments, magnetic 3d shapes, 3d cubes for the light center, and even a realistic looking mixer, blender, and coffee maker. I am so excited to introduce the materials to the class!!
new sensory balls

Sensory noodles



Don't forget to send back your library forms, and 7.00 for our transit museum trip. Have a great week~!

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