Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Thinking Maps and share

Today, many students brought in different items to share and discuss with their classmates. The students are beginning to feel more comfortable and are doing such a great job at asking each other questions, giving comments and listening to each other. Today we had students share a firetruck, a car, a stuffed toy, a picture, and even one student J brought in his tree frog with a note attached for us to read to the class. The students really enjoyed observing the frog and all the items presented today!
G shares his toy car

J shares his firetruck

J brought his tree frog

The information about the tree frog
Students have also been working on thinking maps. We looked at a brace map yesterday and looked at an apple to complete it together. Today students used construction paper, and a real pumpkin to make a brace map on a pumpkin. They talked about the pumpkin as a whole and then created all the different parts of the pumpkin from the seed, the stem, the pulp, the leave, and even the skin. 
Tree map 

Tree map

G and J work on their brace map

J's brace map 

In word work we looked at parts of words and how letters make up words. Students created a class book together and were able to discuss their picture with each other. They used the rhyme I like __________, yum, yum, yum. I like _____________ in my tum. They were able to understand that the words yum and tum rhyme and they worked on sounding out words to help them write. 

D makes his pizza page
In writing students took a tour of the building to look and observe signs we have in the building that help us and to also understand how writing is everywhere and not just in books and on papers. It is important to help us understand different things such as where to exit a building, where to get help, the bathroom and many more. 

Thank you to those that send in different samples of writing materials. On your way home and to school discuss what signs they see and all the different writing around them!

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