Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Our new class pet Leopardy and art with Mr. O

Today in the morning students were introduced to a new pet. We will be observing and studying a tadpole, and watch as it goes through the process of becoming a frog. The process takes 12-16 weeks, and during this time we will be doing observational drawings, thinking maps, and using questions and books to help us figure out our wonderings and thinking. We went over the rules of taking care of the tadpole and as a class came up with the name Leopardy. Students created bubble maps today to describe what the tadpole looked like. They also used a frame of reference to show how they have learned about tadpoles , not only from the observations but from other places they have gone.
H working on his bubble map 

Table 2 works on their bubble map

our tadpole

H's thinking map 

J observes the tadpole

Today after students worked at their seats they then continued to do more writing about tadpoles through interactive writing. B created the sentence today and then called his classmates up to read it out loud. 

K writes words to the sentence: Today we observed a tadpole

A adds words

H reads it outloud

Mr. O came again today to do art with the class. He has been working on ripping, tearing, and pinching with the class. He has been teaching the students how to use these methods to create art work. Students used multi colored paper to create pictures using the methods above. 

W made some trees 

B made our tadpole and other spring images

C said, "this is Mr. O."

A made a pig

H made a house

A made dinosaurs

K made a dinosaur

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