Friday, April 5, 2013

mapping, new centers, and games

Today we compared two Ezra Jack Keats books, The pet show and a Whistle for Willy. As a class we created a double bubble map. Students were then asked to create their own map comparing themselves to another student in the classroom or a teacher in the building.

A's map comparing K and K

A works on his double bubble map

In play centers today students created new art. They used new fun scissors to create different animals that they can see in the Spring with fun craft paper. They also used egg cartons to create caterpillars.
The blocks continued their building by creating yet another museum of dinosaurs and also used fun decals to make scenery like a forest. 
S works with H on their caterpillars

K makes his caterpillar

B and K work on things for a mural

New scenery in blocks


In math today we played games. We had a few new games. One was a bingo number game, another a money game, and then we also revisited games we have played. Students also had the chance to use new dice!. We also have been using the i pad and students are rotating doing new learning!

W on the I pad

L rolls the dice to made addition and subtraction problems

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