Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day

Today in celebration of Earth Day, Ms. Sandner set up a big Earth Day celebration in the multipurpose room. Students learned about waist, endangered and extinct animals, how to compost with red wiggler worms, played games, planted, used crayons that were turned into new crayons, sang a song, watched a presentation by the third grade students, and even were able to look at all the interesting recyclable projects that were created by the students. It is really important for students to learn about how to recycle when they are young with hopes that this will stay with them throughout their lives. At home make sure to recycle as well. Students also had the opportunity to plant seeds.

The seeds are in our new Woolly Pockets Garden, which was donated from money collected over the past two years. Right now we have planted flowers and some herbs. Students in each class will be responsible for maintaining and checking their class pockets. The prek students planted herbs that can be eaten and students can try these at their leisure. Enjoy the photos from today and Happy Earth Day!

K made ice cream holder

L a boat

 paper mache earth

E rocket

old crayons made new

A made a rocket

Here are photos from the celebration today!

projects made by the students out of recyclable materials

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