Thursday, April 25, 2013


Over the past few days we have been studying and observing our tadpole and our caterpillars. The caterpillars have changed tremendously and the students are so excited. Right now they are in their chrysalis and the students are waiting patiently for them to turn to butterflies. Unfortunately we lost 2 but we still have 3. On another note, today when we came to school our tadpole was dead. As a class we talked about why this could happen and discussed that sometimes this happens to animals. They were sad but also excited to know that more are on their way. We also have been working hard on asking and writing down questions about things we observe and have been practicing asking questions with our partners in class. Students have also worked on detailed drawings and have been observing like scientists paying attention to many details of the animals. They also have been working on pictures of plants to focus on details. Here are some photos from what we have been doing.

H's plant picture

Students used the smartboard to observe frogs

T's tadpole

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