Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Thinking Maps, Donald Crews, and Sorting

a thinking circle map 
thinking map 

We have started a new writing unit, in which we are looking at what Donald Crews does as not only an author but also an illustrator. This is to help the students understand the different types of writing that can be done, and also to get them to add things that he does to their own writing.  Today we discussed how he uses signs to let people know where to go in the story. Students took copies of a page from the book Night at the Fair and went to their seats to discuss and circle things they noticed. They also created a circle map to help them jot down what he does.
B creates his thinking map on what he notices Donald Crews does

B looks at different things in the story 

E begins to think about what he notices

During math today we worked again on sorting. We have started this unit and students are able to identify you can sort by color, shape, and size, but we also noticed after listening to the Button Box, you can sort by pointy and sharp. They also discussed how you can sort by different materials and objects. They drew how they sorted their buttons. 

S shows how she sorts

Students then had the chance to see Ms. Darrell teach a reading lesson. In her lesson she talked to them about what a bubble map is and how a bubble map uses one object and then the rest of the bubbles are adjectives. It was great for them to have the opportunity to use another map. 

Ms. Darrell read a book and then students created their own bubble maps about the characters

the bubble map

A touches the rose to help him think of an adjective about the rose

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