Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss, centers, and measuring

In honor of read across america day, students celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday. We talked about him, read his books, watched videos, and made funny at hats. Students really enjoyed it. Here are some photos from today!

students working on their at hats

In centers today students continued to work on their block museum. They have been working on this for the past few days and have added a lot of details. They started to even make a map as well. Another interesting topic of ocean creatures came up which may be a new project. S was making stingrays in art and other students became interested. I put out model magic and books to see what they would come up with. A created a fish and wrote about it and K and W made models of Sharks. L even made starfish. 

A and W making ocean creatures

H makes the map for blocks

The museum

In math we have been working on measurement for the past few weeks. Students took string to see how tall, long, or even short partners were. They then used different tools to calculate how long each other were in cubes, sticks and other materials. They even wrote down their findings. 

K and H figured out to measure each other at the same time

J and S used paper clips at the end as a starting and ending point

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