Friday, March 8, 2013

More thinking maps,more sorting and Crazy Hat Day!

Today was crazy hat day at school. The students made hats, brought hats in , and really enjoyed sharing their hats with each other.
Students created their own hats in school, and some brought them in to share!

Today Ms. Tu also came in and worked on more thinking maps with the students. In class we have learned and tried a circle map, a bubble map, and now today a double bubble map. Ms. Tu introduced the map with oranges and apples. In the middle the students gave answers on how the fruits were the same and then on the outside for each fruit they showed how they were different. After they went back to their seats to try their own. They compared themselves with ELMO!

H comes up to help Ms. Tu
A tried the double bubble
K added to the double bubble map.

Students also worked on bubble maps in their writing. They used it to help them think of writing ideas they could come up with to help them before they begin writing new stories, using things that Donald Crews does.

Today in math we worked on sorting again, but this time we tried to find different ways to sort. Students came up with different ideas. Some of them included:  shiny/not shiny, rolling blocks, and not rolling blocks, short, and tall, and even designs and no designs. This will help them when they go to work on their project in the next few weeks.

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