Friday, March 15, 2013

A possible project, symmetry/1/2

Students have been working on sorting different buttons and figuring out what ways they can sort the. They worked as a group at their tables to complete a graph to show all the different ways they could sort. Some ways they came up with were by color, size, shape, design, and holes and no holes. They also worked on learning about what a half is and we talked about a half can be a fraction, and also another way to look at a half is to make something symmetrical.

T makes a heart to show symmetry
B makes differnt shapes and people to model his representation

In blocks and in class discussions, students have really started to talk about robots and also making a movie about dinosaurs. They know they are not real anymore but have started to work on "The Dinosaurs get the Aliens." They worked today on creating more dinosaurs and also started to make a script.

The movie theater

L makes props for the movie

J, S , and B work together on making the video

In addition to this many students are working on building their dinosaurs. Today B, W, and T worked on adding more paint. H and K also created it yesterday. Students also went to Mr. Andy's room to look at the robot he has created. They then used what they observed to help them in their creation. 

B, W, and T discuss what colors to use and how to add more paint

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