Monday, January 14, 2013

New discoveries

The new letter
Today when the students came into the classroom the first thing they did was check out the room to see if the mystery person had left any clues. They looked in the block center to find the blocks were rebuilt and labeled with dinosaur names. They also noticed the trap had been taken down. On the floor they found footprints that led to a note.

Students were able to learn some new facts to help us solve the mystery. They now are going to write a letter back in hopes to find out even more!

new buildings with dinosaurs

Students are really interested in figuring out who the mystery person is, and are continuing to look at dinosaurs and how they could be related to the mystery. 

As a reminder don't forget our trip is Thursday. If you are coming please bring your cool culture card and be at the school by 9:30 . Thanks.

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