Friday, January 11, 2013

New discoveries

Yesterday in after school a conversation arose about what my students were doing in the block center. W in Ms. Sandners class wanted to use the blocks, so I said, "what else can you add?" After some time of discussion we came up with an idea to be a mystery person and see if my class could guess who it was today."

My class came in this morning and were surprised to see the block center set up differently and also a letter posted on the board. We read it together and the reactions and conversations just took off. It really sparked an interest. W said, "maybe it's Mr. L." K said, "Mr. Andy and Mr. Groff."  K also said, "let's build a trap to catch the person. " I had asked what can we use?" He said, "chicken wire, rope, and other art materials."
So students continued to discuss this and came up with the idea that : 1. the person is nice., 2. the person likes batman because they left batman pictures. 3. The person is nice because they didn't knock down our buildings."

During play time the students worked on drawing a trap and putting traps up in the room.
K's letter we hung on the outside of the room

K's drawing of the trap to catch the person

part of the trap

Blocks built a tower so the mystery person can not get in.
I am really interested to see where this takes us and look forward to the ideas and conversations that arise.
Have a great weekend!

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