Thursday, January 10, 2013

Roll and write, project work, and reading journals

This morning in word work, students worked on a game called Roll and write. They used a dice to roll and then they looked at the number. After they wrote the sight word that matched the number on dry erase boards. They worked at their tables.
Students have been continuing to work on the dinosaur project with a focus on what other animals come from dinosaurs. An interesting conversation arose in play and K said, " can we put on a puppet show and use Mr. Andy's stage in Pre-k? " So other students became interested and came up with an idea that it should be about dinosaurs and we should use puppets, background paintings and clay to create scenery. They also talked about having a narrator and adding lines to say.

During morning meeting today we thought about what lines we could write on our own and came up with some ideas as a class. 
 A: "the t-rex and the stegasaurous will fight."
W " why will you fight?"
K " I want to eat you."
So then other dinosaurs came and they asked, "why, don't fight."
K " So then t-rex came and ate up the stegasaurous."
K: " The omnivores were sad for the stegasaurous, and the carnivores were sad for T-Rex."

B made a backdrop for the puppet show.

In math we continued to work on bunk bed stories. Students worked on
bunk beds again. This time they played a game with a partner. Partner one rolled the dice and then placed that amount of bears on the top bunk. Partner b rolled the dice and then placed that amount on the bottom bunk. Then they figured out by counting on which is beginning addition how many they had alltogether.

Lastly during read aloud discussion we have been working on making connections and adding on to what others are saying. After reading a Piggy and Elephant book students then used their reading notebooks to record either : My favorite part was ___________ because, or This reminds/makes me think of _______________.

W writes about when the elephant sprayed piggy to make him happy

S's favorite part

B drew when piggy was sad that it rained

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  1. Yes!!! We should have our classes share! Your class has been working with dinosaurs much more than my class with baking but we would love to have customers at our "Little Pies" bakery! :) I'll bring it up with the class tomorrow! Our class would love to hear about dinosaurs! :D Let's discuss tomorrow!! :)