Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Details, bunk beds, and Paint

Today in writing as we continued to work on our oral stories, students were given paper to help them draw out the details in their stories with a focus on using the entire paper to show what was happening.
Students were really engaged and came up with some great drawings. It was really helpful for them to use the photos that were sent in to help them talk more about what their story was about. Here are a few examples:

C's story about going to Disney Land

T's story about seeing the christmas tree with her family.

K's story about going to the Museum of Natural History

Students will continue to  work on these for the next few days until they are able to really tell the story as if they were there.

In math today we moved away from more than less than and equal to and worked on a bunk bed story thinking of different ways we could have students on a bunk bed using the number 8. They were sent to work as a group and then we met for a congress to discuss their thinking and work. 

At the end of the day as a class we talked about different types of lines and strokes we could make with paint brushes and what artists use in their own paintings. We discussed horizontal, vertical, zigzag, curvy, straight, wavy, and how we could create images with a paintbrush. Students used tape to also create different lines.

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