Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Helping with stories and writing the room

We have been working on oral storytelling and figuring out how to choose just right books when we are reading. Students are now able to figure out their just right level by using different charts and strategies we have gone over in the classroom. At home help them to read by asking them if they are reading a just right book. Also students have finished the DRA which allows me to figure out where they are as a reader. The charts show how to pick a just right book.

Also in writing we have been working on oral storytelling. Remember to send in your photos of a family activity if you have not done so yet. The chart restates what a oral story should consist of.

Lastly a new literacy center activity was introduced yesterday. It is called "writing the room." Students looked for different words starting with letters on their sheet. They wrote words they found and also used checks to show they had found words that start with the letters on their sheet.

K and B write the room

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