Friday, January 4, 2013

More than, Less than, Equal to, oral storytelling and science

This morning students were in Science. During Science they worked on describing different properties and characteristics of trees during the four seasons. They discussed as a class what happens to trees during the seasons and if they could decorate their own tree what would they use. Some ideas included : foil, water color paint, glue, and tissue paper. Here are a few pictures of some of the work they did. Today they came up with a plan and next time they meet they will create their tree.

During writing time we continued to work on telling oral stories. Some students brought in photos from home and it really helped them tell their true story. A letter was sent home today as a reminder to send in a photo of a family event. Students then used paper to draw down their story as a way to help them remember.

B draws to remember his story on the train

K's photo from Niagara Falls with his family

B uses his family photos from Christmas

In math today we continued to take a look at more than, less than, and equal to, which will help the students when we move into addition. It is a way for them to see it more concrete and get a feel for adding to and taking a way from to make a smaller and or larger amount. Students worked in pairs. Partner a started by putting a handful of buttons on the bottom. He or she then counted out how many they had placed. Partner B had to then show more than, less  than and equal to. Partner A then checked the answers.

During Language development centers, students worked on making slime again. They also focused on making a restaurant in dramatic play. In the light center K and S created a airplane, and a ice cream cone.
Today Ms. Alfredson allowed two students to go to her room in first grade to play. W and K had the opportunity and when they came back they were so excited! We will continue to work with first grade in play and this will help with cooperation, conversations, and learning from each other.

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