Thursday, January 3, 2013

One more, one less, equal, building, and slime

Today in language development centers students created slime. Some of them make slime and took it home. It is a really easy and fun recipe you can do at home. It is1/2 cup of water, 1/2 cup of liquid elmers glue. Mix the first two ingredients together and add food coloring if you wish. Then take 1 tablespoon of borax and mix into one cup of water. Then you take the borax and water and add to the glue and water mixture. Then you mix it together to create a really fun experiement!
H mixes the glue, water and food dye

Students used their hands and created different objects. They also figured out that when they mixed the red and blue slime together they could create purple.

Also at the end of the day Ms. Alfredson's first grade students came down to play with us. It was great to have some older students help out and work with the K students. In the block area the students were able to create a really neat building and said that when G returns the next time they want to build even more. They were able to create really interesting buildings.

G from first grade shows H how to make a bridge
Empire state building and monster

 Today during writing time students worked more on telling their oral stories. K talked about how he went to the dino park with his family and used a lot of details to tell it.
Here is a short video of his story.

Lastly during our math period we worked on one more than, one less than, and equal to......... Students used the dry erase boards and came up and wrote down and drew out their findings.

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