Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mysteries, playdough and more

Today when we came into the classroom, students were surprised to see more clues related to the mystery dinosaur person.

L's note in response to what they found

After reading the letter, students had a conversation and came up with the idea that it had to be someone in the school. Brandon said,”it’s not really a dinosaur because they don’t go to school.” Kimin said, “ I agree because they are extinct. : Amanda said, “ I know extinct is gone.”  So then we continued the conversation. Through a series of exchanges students came up with the following idea:
The mystery person is a student and they are in after school.

        At the end of the day they continued to search the room and come up with more ideas and continued to build upon what we spoke about this morning. They are getting closer everyday and hopefully they will be able to figure out the mystery of the dinosaur.
K added his drawing to scare the mystery person.

 In language development centers, thanks to Ms. Esther when I went to her room the other day, found a recipe for Gingerbread Play dough. The students made different things out of the dough and want to paint it tomorrow.
K makes a new shape out of the dough 

B makes a butterfly
K observes the play dough

We also worked on adding different senses to our stories and shared them with our partners. 

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