Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Writing, centers, and more

 Students have been working on oral stories for the past 2 weeks. We have been working on adding our five senses to make our stories even more interesting. We talked about how to describe what we saw, touched, heard, and even tasted. They are starting to finish up their stories. I am video recording them and will send home a cd for you to keep so you can hear your childs story. Here are some published art work to go with them.
A's finished picture of her story
 Students will be able to share their stories with their friends over the next few days!

During literacy centers today students worked on creating a new puppet show with the new puppet theater I recently introduced to the students. They used emergent storybook props to create their own versions of books they are really familiar with. 

During this time other students have really enjoyed going to the library center as they are gaining more and more confidence in their ability to read more on their own. 

Students also really enjoy the writing center. Today they worked on more letters and signs to the mystery builders. Some students are beginning to figure out who the person is. Other students have begun to lose interest and still some are intrigued by figuring out who the person or people could be. You can see how they are writing more and more on their own. 

T writes a sign

B writes a sign for the blocks

more photos to help the mystery builder build

T reads her own sign 

Some students today also worked on challenging words. They used new boards and went on a word hunt around the room to look for words. 

L and S worked together to find new words

Other students today in my guided reading group worked on making sentences that made sense and the sentences created by Ms. Darrell were a great way to incorporate the vocabulary that Ms. Rebecca has been teaching to the kids. They were able to create sentences that made sense, and they could read them all by themselves.

K reads his sentence

J shows her favorite part with a drawing
During reading today as well while some students were in groups, others were reading independently. During this time they used their reading notebooks to sketch and write about a favorite part they had and why. 

Yesterday during play centers students created oobleck. This is a fun and easy recipe to follow. It includes 1 cup of water and 2 cups of cornstarch. You mix it together and have a lot of fun! We also decided to make it green. 

W from Ms. Brittneys class joined us

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