Friday, December 7, 2012

Project work and games

Today in centers, students observed and explored more about dinosaurs. They worked on creating a mural of where dinosaurs could live. They put together a puzzle to learn more about the types of dinosaurs. They also worked in the block center. There they constructed a home for dinos and also a castle. In the painting group students used real artist easels and looked at details in books to construct their portraits. In writing students took dinosaur books looked at them and then created their own pattern book which they took from what they are learning in writing. Some of the book said, dinosaurs are big, dinosaurs are little, dinosaurs are fun. Students also worked in the clay center and created their own clay using flour, salt and water. You can make this at home by using four cups of flour, one cup of salt, and one and a half cups of warm water. Students then mixed it and added more flour and salt to create a playdough like consistencey. They then added tubes and rocks and started to make a volcano. 

K, K and H mix up the clay for the volcano

S and T work on the puzzle 

working on the castle/home for dinos

A writes her own dinosaur story 

A uses a dinosaur book to create his painting

H, H and K work on constructing the volcano with tubes
At the end of the day we took an egg with a dino in it and thought about what we would see on Monday when we came to school. Some of the responses included: It will be real, maybe it came from outside, no it's fake but I wonder what type of dinosaur it will be.? It will be interesting to see what happens on Monday and see what comes out of the egg.

In math students worked on learning a new bean game toss and then worked on rotating math game centers which has become a part of math game day Friday!
S and H play bean toss

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