Friday, November 9, 2012

Acting out stories, new center exploration and fun

Today in language through development centers, students worked in the science center to create pattern books which connected to what they did during shared reading. Through patterns students are able to read books because they recognize that the words repeat themselves. They used the pattern, pumpkins have.....
Students came up with the following answers: pumpkins have stripes, pumpkins have a stem, pumpkins have seeds, and pumpkins are smooth.  
H puts the seeds into the bowl.
K, K, and A scoop out the pumpkin

After they created their books, we cut open the pumpkin. When we opened up the students took out the seeds. At first they said, "ill gross." But after a while they had fun exploring the seeds and the inside of the pumpkin. They then put water in a bowl and played with the seeds scooping and digging. After they wanted to create a scary face!

T, B, S, J, and H observe and discuss dinosaurs
Students also worked in the sand table and were having more conversations about dinosaurs. S said "dinosaurs come in the water." B said "caves." The question still remains where do they live and where do they come from?"

The germs go to H. 

At the end of the day students had fun with Ms. Rebecca. They acted out a story about GERMS. They learned how germs can make you sick and what happens when germs enter your body. They were able to act out what happens to the germs, antibodies, and white blood cells. They had a really fun time!

In the writing center today, A created a mailbox so that the students in the classroom can mail and send out letters, post cards, and cards. They have been working on this during our writing time. 
Students also acted out more stories using the new puppet center.
Also in the block building center, students came up with the idea of making a road, and a city. They then figured out how to create a area where cars could go and only get out when they had money for a toll.

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