Thursday, October 4, 2012

Play and what can happen!

Some intersting things have been going on in the class during work centers, and play centers. During work time in math students played a game called grab and count. They closed their eyes and then grabbed counters. They then drew and counted how many they had. Many students were able to count really hi. It was a great way to see who was able to recognize numbers, write numbers, and who needed work with one to one correspondence.

In play centers K, and A were working with the magnets. They wanted me to show them how to keep the magnets from falling. Instead of giving them the answer I said, " what do you think you need to get it to work?" This helped to facilitate their thinking instead of giving them the answer. In the end they were able to figure it out. It was amazing to see!

Another great experience was that in dramatic play today, J said, "Ms. Cruse how do you make this cake?" I then said, " go get the box and let's look at what the recipe says." He then said " what is a recipe?" I showed him the box. He wanted to make it and said, " what do we need, can we make it?" We then got a book and he started to write the recipe and used sounds and letters to help him write it. He then came up with the idea of having a recipe book for the dramatic play center.

Exploring colors in the light center, another way to give students a chance to investigate on their own!

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