Sunday, September 17, 2017

Welcome to K-209

We had a great first full week of school. During the past few days students have begun to become comfortable with classroom routines, rules, and have learned their classmates names as well as explore different materials that we will use this year. Students are really excited about the new play ground and each day they have been observing the changes that have been happening, and are excited to find out what else the playground will have in the next weeks ahead.
I works on his selfportrait

M works on his portrait and has a snack

J and E work on their portraits

J works on his portrait

Students have had the chance this week to explore different math tools we will be using this school year, seashells, and puzzles that will be a part of choice time and also have had the chance to meet all of the different teachers they will be working with throughout the school year.

As class discussions have started to emerge students are really into discussing the hurricane that has happened and are really kind students with big hearts. As the donations come in to help support the K class we have adopted in Texas, conversations have emerged about what we can do to help and I feel that through these conversations it has helped them to be kind with their classmates.

Another topic that has come up daily is about games on the playgrounds and possibly creating and building our own games in the classrooms. Even though we have only been in school for 7 days, I have really started to learn so much about each and every student and am looking forward to a wonderful school year. Even though we are starting slow it is important to teach routines and create a class community to create a wonderful school year.

This year we have implemented a buddy bench, so when students are sitting there others will know they need a buddy to play with or just need a friend. This will help students on the playground and it is a tool they can use to help with communication and socialization
J sits on the buddy bench to model what it is used for

Students used the new sand box to explore and learn

R and her classmates use the blocks to think about what they will create
In math we introduced different tools. Below are some photos of students exploring with math tools

students use pattern blocks to create and explore

using pattern blocks to create 

S uses cubes 

M uses cubes

Another important part of the day is being able to pack up and do things on our own. Below we can see C showing the class how to pack up and get her things to get ready to go home. 

H and J playing a game

more fun on the playground
Students also explored with different writing tools. They used markers, crayons, and colored pencils. They also worked on learning about what a library is and how we use the library so that they will be able to shop from our classroom library. They had a wonderful first full week and I can't wait to see what the week ahead brings.
As a reminder there is no school on Thursday and Friday for the Jewish holiday.

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