Tuesday, October 2, 2012

More conversations

A and H greet each other.

Today in morning meeting we learned a new greeting called the hand shake greeting. Students were able to greet each other by looking at each other and then giving a hand shake. This will continue to help them understand listening by giving eye contact and by listening.

Students also worked on their turn and talk and through this I noticed how much more they are speaking compared to the first time we tried it. They turned and talked about what they thought would happen in the Three Billy Goats Gruff.

K's story about going to Korea
Students have also been working on writing. We did an interactive writing with the star of the day and some students were able to add alot of details and staple their writing to actually create a story across three pages.

Students also had music where they learned about what a note was and what sheet music is.

Finally at the end of the day a new discussion emerged when K and C said, "Ms. Cruse do you know what a paleontologist is?" We then talked about it and created a web for what we could learn and also a possible project idea of looking for fossils and even building our own model of a dinosaur. They sketched an image based upon a photo to help them come up with a building plan for tomorrow.

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