Monday, October 1, 2012

More learning

I can't believe how fast the first month of school has gone by. Students are beginning to learn more and more about each other and are using language much more to convey meaning. They have recently done independent reading for the past few weeks to help them learn more about books and also how to look at parts of books. Today they had the opportunity to read with a partner, which allows students the opportunities to express themselves in a more comfortable way as well as learn from each other in reading. During partner time they have the opportunity to explore texts and share with a friend.
W and K read together on the couch

Students also worked on figuring out the difference between small, medium, and larger. We started with the book The Three Little Bears to help activate prior knowledge. Students were able to think about questions asked and were then sent to their seats to work on sorting by these attributes. 
Students also had FAN 4 KIDS with Ms Tara today. They talked about why it is important to eat healthy and why they should participate in healthy activities. They were also weighed and their height was recorded. 

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