Thursday, September 27, 2012

New explorations!

H figures out how to move the round magnet
H and K worked on moving materials with waters
Today I opened the magnet center in science. I at first thought I would give them a task to do but I wanted to see how they would use the materials and what they would do with the magnets. They had cards that they could try new things out but at first they were just curious about how the magnets were working and then K said, " Ms. Cruse how do you get the magnet to move the car?" My first thought was to just tell him how, but then I thought I am going to see if he can figure it out. After a while of moving things around he was able to do it and was so amazed at how the car moved without him even touching it. This then led to an even greater discussion with students H, E, and L. They were so intrigued by the magnets that they started using water and other materials to see how magnets could move, what they could stick to, and even if they could get materials to move in water. It was such a great moment in centers today. Tomorrow as I introduce the water beads in the water center, I can't wait to see what discussions come about!

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