Saturday, October 6, 2012

Walking trip and publishing

On Friday we had the chance to start publishing our first writing piece by using colored pencils and crayons. The students have already grown so much since September and it was so nice to see the excitement on their faces as they were working on their pieces. We will share these together as a class next week.

Students also worked on finding capital letters by using the morning message.

We also had the chance to take a walking trip to the Botanical Garden. Students were so excited when we arrived and really had a great time exploring, observing, and looking at different types of plants, flowers, fish, and other trees. They also were able to collect a lot of materials that they could bring back to school to create different art projects. Also with the materials collected they were able to sort the materials by color, shapes, size, and type. One thing that the students really liked were the amount of acorns they were able to collect. The trip was a great way for the students to use real life materials to help them learn and discover. The looks on their faces and the conversations they were having was definitely a great experience and I could tell by the excitement and joy they were expressing just how much they really enjoyed the trip.


 It was also great to have the parents there as they were able to experience this with their kids and help out with other students. They were able to take a small group and help them explore. Also it was great to have Ms. Mark there as well as an extra help and guide as we explored the garden. I look forward to our next trip to the pumpkin patch. Im hoping that the trip will help the students by giving them another experience to use in their writing. 

Lastly I have put in some materials for donors choose for the classroom. If you would like to donate go to donors choose and type in Ms. Cruse for teachers. Thanks!

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  1. The trip looked so fun Ms. Cruse!! What a beautiful day to spend outside! :)