Friday, November 8, 2013

Library trip, and more thinking maps

Today we took a trip to the Flushing Library. Students were able to take out books and also get library cards.Ms. Maryanne helped the students look for books, taught them a song, and even game the students pencils and passes to take home and share with their friends. If you filled out a form and your child does not bring back a card today, make sure you go and fill out the form correctly to receive your card. Also the library is now open on Sundays. Thank you parents for coming today to help out!

Ms. Maryanne reads a book

Today students also worked on making bubble maps to describe leaves. They used leaves to help them create their maps and also were able to use language to help them
J makes his map

Students have also been playing math games. This week they learned how to play the domino cover up game

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