Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New writing and math combinations and more

This week and the next week, Ms. Rebecca is working on transportation vocabulary and different images of what the students may see at the Transit Museum. This will help them have a feel for what they will be doing and also help them with activating their prior knowledge. Ms. Rebecca gave the students different vocabulary dictionaries to help them not only with understanding what they are doing but also gain new vocabulary.
E looks at her transportation dictionary

M circles pictures of words he is unfamiliar with

In math we have been working on number combinations and decomposing numbers, which is to look at a number and think of how many different ways can I show that number. Students used the smart board today and the reckon wracks to show their thinking and drawing of how they can make combinations of the number 8.
Q uses the smart board to make his combination of 8

J makes his combinations on his paper
In writing we are finishing up our unit of writing in the world. This week students worked on lists, and also were exposed to what a coupon is and also will look at menus and maps the rest of the week. They made lists yesterday and then made coupons today.
E made a coupon for free icecream

A made a coupon for a dog

M works on his no homework coupon

J made a 5 dollar spiderman coupoon

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  1. Q uses the smart board to make his combination of 8