Friday, November 1, 2013

Fun with First Grade

Today during language Development Centers, students decided to use different art materials to begin to make a tree and added all types of leaves and even a squirrel. When we were in the hall, Mrs. Pasternack was outside and asked if we would like her first graders to help us and make grass to go with the fall tree. The students were really excited, and it was great to have a few older students to model for the class how to put the materials on the wall and how to work together. They did not finish it today but will continue to add to it all week, including Mrs. Grazianos class as well will help by making leaves to go on it. Hopefully it will emerge into a whole floor project!
M adds some branches

A put her squirrel in the tree

J from first grade added grass

G and a first grade student work together

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