Sunday, November 21, 2010

New explorations

Families, I hope you had a great weekend, and have a great upcoming week. Happy early Thanksgiving. This week we are doing the canned food drive to help give food to people less fortunate. Remember we are going to the Macedonia Food Pantry tomorrow at 9:40 am.  On Wednesday we are also having our Thanksgiving Feast. Students will be bringing in food and we will celebrate all that we are thankful for. I hope you enjoy your four day weekend coming up. Don't forget to utilize your cool culture card during those days that you are off.

In school on Friday students were very interested in the science center and exploring with magnets. They wanted to see what the  magnets would stick to or pick up and what they would not. Students tried everthing from peoples clothes to the classroom door. We found out that magnets only attract other magnets and metal. Below are some pictures. Also don't forget to send in pajamas for the pajama drinve. Other then that have a great week ahead and a very Happy Thanksgiving. 

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