Monday, November 15, 2010

Hello families

Hello families!!!
Student S acting as a baker

Student S writing down a prescription

painting the mailbox

Our construction of a community

I hope all is well. Once again thank you for such a great parent teacher conference, as well as coming on the trip to the police deparment you really made it a great time.  A few reminders that are coming up are tomorrow is picture day, Thursday is the trip to the fire department, and Friday is family movie night. In the classroom we are continuing to build upon and study our community and its environment. We have been constructing models, by creating our own blueprints, designing themes in the dramatic play area such as a bakery, and have even learned how to write letters to our friends by constructing a mailbox that is available for daily use. The mailbox is a great way to encourage exploration with language and print. Below are pictures from what has been going on in the classroom. Have a great week!!!

The doctor office sign

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