Tuesday, April 4, 2017

New learning, book reviews, caterpillars and more.

Last week we took a trip to Pizzeria Unos. Students had the chance to make their own pizzas as a segway into new learning with non fiction and how to do things. They were able to write about it when they returned to class and we made a class book to share how to make a pizza. We also finished up our writing unit by sharing with our partners our personal narratives.
A and S share their work 

J and A share their writing 
M and Vincent C share their writing 
Now that we are finished with personal narratives we worked on author studies and to complete this study we did book reviews about our favorite authors. We now are moving into non fiction writing and reading with a focus on questioning and details.

book review of david shannon

A's book review
In choice time students have gone back to working on playing games and making a game book to share what board games they know how to play. They have also been working on sharing their thinking. This week we opened up the smart board as a center to let the class use technology as a way to write.
M works on the smarboard
We also received new animals in the classroom to help us with our non fiction study of animals and to help students learn about life cycle stages and how animals grow and change. We are now observing caterpillars waiting to see how they go through the lifecycle process.
V uses a book to help him learn more

V, V.C, and N observe and study the caterpillars

We also have started to observe and zoom in on details like scientists as a way to learn about and explore more details and to help us understand what we learn as well as work on asking questions as readers when we want to learn something new.
Students observe a tulip 

Below are pages from our game book that we have been working on to share with the school how we play board games, what you need to play and even shared some of our own games we made as a class.

With the poetry that we continue to work on and use daily, we have started to work on creating illustrations to go along with the poems and to help us with the work of visualization. 

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