Sunday, March 19, 2017

Games, Authors, Strategies, and St Patricks

comparing shoes with cubes
Over the past few weeks students have been working on playing board games and they have also been working on making their own games. As a culminating project each student will be working on writing their own page for a big book to share out what game they know really well and also what they learned about during this time, as well as even teach others. Through this experience students have also been borrowing games to take home to teach family members how to play.
J shares how to play the Frozen game
Another thing students have been working on in choice time is making uubleck with our student teacher, Ms. Jeon who will be with us until Friday. She has been teaching the students how to do this on their own and each time they use a different color. 
J and S made pink oobleck
Something else we have been doing more of us cooking in choice time. We have made puppy chow snack mix and for St Patricks Day we made green Rice Krispie Treats. During the cooking students are learning how to measure and use math in their everyday lives. 
V cooks 

D and V add to rice Krispies

We have been continuing to study authors and have worked on learning a lot about each author. Students have been using thinking maps to share their thinking. They used the double bubble to compare two authors and two different books. 
comparing pete the cat and piggy and Gerald

Also in reading we have been working on adding in different strategies to help us during independent reading time. 
Each student has this card to help them while they read
Also in choice time we have been working on sharing out more of what we do during that time by adding in more to our journals and then sharing out our work with our classmates. 
P's journal
Lastly in math we have started  a measurement unit. We started with figuring out how to find out what size shoe we need without me giving the answer. Students have now used cubes, bears, yarn and other tools to help them figure out and understand measurement and the units used. They have been working on using their own shoes to even measure and compare objects in the classroom. 
J uses cubes to help measure

For St patricks day we used lucky charms to sort and graph and made fun hats to celebrate they day.

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