Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How To's and Nonfiction

This week we have been working on so many fun and exciting things. We recently finished up are all about non fiction books. Students were able to become animal experts and they also worked on making comments to help their classmates grow and glow. They were able to read each others work and celebrated the great work they have done. Students also have begun to work on showing their animals and the homes they live in through the use of paper, clay and other art materials.
S makes his shark in his habitat

T and J and A work on their animal homes

Students observe others work

S comments and gives glows and grows

Part of a nonfiction all about book

Upon completion of the nonfiction unit, students have begun to work on how to do, make and go. We launched the unit by starting with How to make Ice cream. We borrowed materials from Mr. Andy and then made the vanilla ice cream after. Students then were able to eat the ice cream and choose to have it in a bowl, a dish, and if they wanted toppings. We then wrote a class book together to help us remember how to make the ice cream. 
materials and ingredients

D mixes it together

K helps with the ice

U adds salt to the machine

R and s enjoy the cones

After doing a how to make we wrote a how to do. We wrote a how to play checkers book and then played the game and also how to blow bubbles, in which the students went outside and were able to blow bubbles. Today we even made butter in the cooking center and then tasted it on crackers!
N plays checkers

After going outside we then came in and looked through bins of how to's to see what we noticed. We will begin writing our own tomorrow. 

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