Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Jewelry , nonfiction, take apart and ants

This month has been off to a great start. We have started our nonfiction questioning unit, and have begun to become researchers on animals that we will be making into books. Students have become really interested in jewelry making and have been working on making order forms for teachers and other students in the classroom.
students filling orders

making necklaces and bracelets

In the take apart center students have been working on using safety goggles and also have come up with rules to help others who choose that area as a center. They have also been really excited to see how the pieces inside are magnetic and can connect to the magnets in the other science area. 
I writes rules

D takes apart the cd player

J works on observing what was inside

Students have also been studying ants and have been working on questions about ants which will now help them with their research they have begun on different animals. students have also been working on observing other things in nature to help them understand how scientists observe things that change. 

being a scientist and observing a plant

students observing tadpoles

One thing we have been working on with nonfiction is how we can gather facts from pictures to help us learn information. 

K works on his map and uses the picture to find facts
Readers use the magic four to get information

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