Sunday, November 8, 2015

The love of chalk, Veterans Day and Card writing

On Election Day, the staff used chalk to make the school beautiful and more appealing to not only the teachers but also the students. We hoped as a staff, that it would trigger creativity in the students when they go outside for recess. With this the students in my class took a liking to this and made different images on the walls of the school. They also decided to trace each other and make people on the playground. They even traced me too!!!
Students drawing on the school

S making a picture

I drawing a butterfly

students tracing each other

This week Ms. Nickelson's father came in to talk to the students about Veterans Day as it is approaching on Wednesday this week. We learned about the Navy, Army, Marines, Coast Guard and other people that serve in the military and help protect our country. Students then made cards that we will be sending to the troops over the holidays, along with candy they received from Halloween. The students enjoyed learning about this and look forward to sending the cards. 

students saying happy veterans day

card making 

Also in writing some students are ready for spelling and adding words on their own. To help with this, student word wall sheets were handed out and the students are now able to write down words in their work by using the word wall sheet.

s uses the sheet in writing 

This week we opened up a cooking center during choice time. Thanks to Mr. Andy we made slime. The students loved making it and were also able to take some home. The recipe is glue, liquid starch, and colors!

N  and V mix the glue and starch 

I and M play with the slime

more exploration with slime

N enjoyed playing with the slime

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