Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Happy Diwali, post cards, letter books and more

Students learned about and celebrated Diwali in class today. They learned about Rongoli mats, diyas, and even were able to taste a snack made by Sahijveers mom. She brought in a sweet snack, and food for the students to taste. She explained the holiday and what they do at home. During the morning students watched a short video from India and then made Rongoli Mats. The mats are used to decorate houses during the holiday which is very similar to christmas in the United States.
V making her rongoli mat 

S and J 

In writing we have been learning all about different types of writing and how writing can send a message. Today students were introduced to what a post card is and why we send them. We talked about how when you visit somewhere and you want to let someone know where you are and what you saw you send a post card. 
U made a post card

In word work we have started to make our own letter books. Students are thinking of words that begin with the letter of the week and then we make a class book. Some students are even able to write the words on their own. 

W made eggs for E

D made a rocketship

We finished up celebrating veterans day with making badges. This is also another type of writing. we also read pattern books about veterans day.

Today Sahjiveers mom came into the classroom. She spoke about Diwali and even read a story!

showing the diya

trying food 

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