Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Earth day, math, and more!

In math this week we are working on decomposing numbers to make groups. We worked on making cookies and separating them into two different piles. 

making 16

making five

a group of 5

a group of 8
Students have been studying endangered animals, and the rainforest. They made projects on the red eyed tree frogs, and also used recycled materials. They learned about how to help the rainforest, the composting to help worms, and they even planted bulbs for the garden outside.
Parents made paper mache bowls for the earth day 

T used the rain stick

the rainforest of paper mache animals and class projects
Students were also able to look at other students projects made from recycled material.

A worked on Mrs. Nessers recycling game

J and B and J play too!

This week students also worked on making how to books. They worked on making how to books. To start the unit they did a how to make a pizza as a class. They used pepperoni, mushrooms, pineapple, sauce, cheese and pita to make a pizza. We then wrote how to do it as well. 

how to make a pizza

J and B made a how to make 

eating and writing how to make a pizza

We will continue with the how to makes this week as well as nonfiction features of texts!

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